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Kajutan Designboat accessories – mooring magnet

Mooring magnet RopeUpp™

for Y-booms, piers and poles


Technical specifications and instructions

- - -

10-12 mm rope
Apply tape to the rope, making it at least 14 mm thick, before placing it in RopeUpp™.

14-18 mm rope
Place the rope in RopeUpp™.

Secure rope
Fixate RopeUpp™ at a suitable spot with the O-ring.

- -

Bearing capacity, vertical position

Bearing capacity, horizontal position

Article by Claes Dymling:

”Cool stuff for the pier”

from the magazine Båtliv (Boatlife) (2-08)

”Never again wet or slimy ropes! Oftentimes, they end up in the water when departing from the floating pole or the pier. This little pier invention is called RopeUpp™, which has a powerful magnet keeping the rope steady on poles and piers. It is sold in pairs of two magnetic hooks and galvanized iron plates, which are attached to wooden constructions. Available in your local boat accessory store.”


Do not let minors play with the RopeUpp™ magnet. It may inflict pressure wounds.

Y-pole mooring

Pier mooring

Stern mooring in pole


Mooring with and without RopeUpp™.


RopeUpp™ applied to metal plates (included), easy to reach for arriving boats.


RopeUpp™ easily attaches to a galvanized locking device. Remaining part of the rope is attached to the RopeUpp™ hook.


RopeUpp™ mooring magnets attached to Y-pole.


RopeUpp™ is easily disattached, and the rope is attached to the boat.


With its powerful magnet, RopeUpp™ easily attaches to metal rings and chains.


RopeUpp™ attached to Y-pole.
The strong magnet can also be attached to poles with plastic surfaces.


RopeUpp™ mooring magnet is also easily attached to iron rings and similar devices.


RopeUpp™ applied to metal brick (included), attached to a pole.

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